Gank Glasses – Vintage Frames Ultra Goliath 2

I have been wanting to buy some glasses for a while. My eyesight is terrible, but just haven’t got around to buying any. I’ve liked the thick, black glasses lately, but they are pretty hipster. Vintage Frames Shop in Montreal is a great place with lots of sweet vintage eyewear. They just announced that they will be releasing a limited 50 pairs of the Ultra Goliath 2 sunglasses in matte black. Gankkkk.

In 1977 Stan Besner of Ultra Palm found the original mould for the Goliath 2 in Holland. The first colour they produced was a dirty blond, which years later developed into a black and brown model. The success of their experimental frame was brought to their attention at an Opti Fair in NYC when a client presented them with California Magazine showcasing a group of men wearing the Ultra Goliath 2 on the cover. The Success of the frame continued as many artists and celebs adopted the iconic Goliath as their signature frame. It can be best recognized being worn by DMC of Run Dmc,, Micheal Cane, Harry Carey, as well as appearing on Ace Rothstein in the blockbuster film Casino to name a few.

The Ultra Goliath 2 comes with either it’s original clear lenses, or with a custom grey gradient lens. Available exclusively at Still not sure if I could pull these off though. They are pretty damn big!


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