Explore Chatham, Ontario! Pics!

some older pics. taken with Canon T2i


the legs.

Erie apples.


Chatham cemetary.

The view from the Dock!  note: perhaps the only pic I haven’t edited.


3 Responses to Explore Chatham, Ontario! Pics!

  1. flhmfd says:

    Dempsey! all the pics are stretched a little bit. vertically. wtf?

  2. mfsavannah says:

    Mine do that too, too big?? I think if you resize them first they might show the actual size instead of changing them to fit.

  3. thatsgank says:

    after you upload each picture and insert it into the post, press enter twice. otherwise it will think you are putting all the pictures together and it will try to make you set up a gallery. i dont know why your pics are stretching though, maybe they’re just too big

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