The Aftermath in Vancouver (Video)

3 Responses to The Aftermath in Vancouver (Video)

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  2. katz says:

    Very Very disturbing.. It’s difficult to believe that normal sane people would do this. What is happening to the young people today? We are so very fortunate to live in a Country & Province as beautiful as British Columbia, Canada, let alone the gorgeous city of Vancouver. People that do things like this should be punished severely.
    It’s too bad they couldn’t be all rounded up & sent to some desolate Island to live together, where they deserve only one another. But then the bleeding hearts would cry foul!!!!… Nice way to display our beautiful city to the rest of the world! I for one do not believe for one second that this destruction was done by Canuck Fans, just simple minded thugs that needed a reason!

  3. Gina says:

    lots of world class idiots…or should I say low class idiots.

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