Vancouver Riots! (photos)

After succumbing to the Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, fans left the Rogers Center arena and have been causing destruction around downtown Vancouver since. Here are some pictures of whats going on. Hockey is serious business here! Cars being tipped over, buildings set on fire. I’ve recieved texts from friends in Vancouver saying Louis Vuitton and The Bay stores have been looted. Also hearing word that Canucks fans pushed a Bruins fan off an overpass leading to the Bruins fans death. Hope thats not true.

28 Responses to Vancouver Riots! (photos)

  1. just one person says:

    Idiots. Idiots to do this, and idiots to stand there and watch. I’m sad to see this as a Canadian, but just as sad to see this as a part of the human race. This is part of what is so wrong in this world. Bloody sad.

    • notafuckingrioteer says:

      ok all of you ppl talking shit about vancouver. ok not every 1 was rioting u know like mei was siting at home not rioting and so was 95% of vancouver it was only a hand full of dumb ass drunk idiots rioting downtown so dont go and tell the whole world vancouver is a bad city

  2. yomama says:

    Stupid assholes destroying their own city

  3. Viewer says:

    Fantastic documenting photos

  4. van fan says:

    fucking great time. that gas fucked u up man.

    • Christoph says:

      Your a scum bag u cunt

    • Blake says:

      Your an ASSHOLE! It’s Fucking NO MINDS like you that do this shit and think it’s funny! Someone should strip you down and take a whip to you …you freaking slimball! People like you are the reason Vancouver gets a bad name.. Why don’t you and your Fucking Asshole friends move to a third world country were you’d fit right in. Somewhere like Sudan! Try that bullshit there and see how far it would get you! You should be damn Thankful you live in a Country/Province& City like you do , if in fact you are from Vancouver. The only thing I have left to say to you is… Play with fire…your gonna get burned buddy… One day karma will get you for all the crap you’ve pulled. And the sooner the better as far as I’m concerned!!!!

    • Wild Rumpus says:

      It is too bad that you and your boyfriends had to show off to each other by rioting. I guess that’s what happens when you can’t satisfyingly bum fuck each other because of your freakishly small penises. Please huff more gas and die slowly and alone. You really should not be able to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

  5. willienelson says:

    it is now true that vancouver IS part of the USA

  6. Mike says:

    police will find whoever they see in the photos, just like the rioters in the g20 toronto.

  7. This makes me sick, as a proud Vancouverite I am ashamed of what went on last night. What a bunch of fucking losers.

  8. so, so tragic what happened last night in vancouver.

  9. RealCanuckFan says:

    I’m absolutely ashamed. For a moment I thought we we’re going to loose with dignity, giving Thomas and Lucic standing O’s. Instead I turn the tv back 15 minutes later and see a bunch of idiotic “fans” destroying our city. I
    hope in the future people will have more respect for others aswell as their team and city.

  10. Lovleyme says:

    Wow are u kidding me !!!! These immature punks are still posting stuff are u serious !!! These young punks should have had the army come in and whiped them . I’m pretty sure your moms and dads are very dissapointed and enbaressed of your behavior I hope all u little punks get caught and thrown behind bars idiots !!!!!

  11. Still Believe says:

    This is horrible, however no buildings were set on fire, though about 6 cars (2 police cars) were set on fire. The man wasn’t pushed, he fell (not sure if he was a bruins fan or not) and the fans inside rogers arena were respectful of the bruins (maybe not of gary bettman)

  12. katz says:

    Vancouver Riots very sad!!! Seems there are always a number of people that just want to cause trouble. I think that the Playoffs were just an excuse for these type people to start trouble.. I don’t believe for one minute they are True Canuck Fans.. I hope they feel real good about themselves

  13. beingzhenya says:

    I like not the actions, but the fact that you are drawing attention to them, and showing the community what shouldn’t be done! Thank you! And “like”

  14. paperjunkie says:

    Were the thugs that started all this crap human?? I would be ashamed to think that they are a member of the human race – who spawned these jerks. It all boils down to a lack of respect for anyone or anything. For shame! Jail time is a waste of time……..send them to a 3rd world country and let them take their lumps there – just trying to survive.

  15. Nicole says:

    I was here for the last 3 games, and game 7 was a disgrace…I’ve been to Vancouver so many times but last night was something else. I hope the police catch everyone involved in the destruction, and anarchists say away from the beautiful city.

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  17. Jordan says:

    This looks deadly. Not like anyone was hurt, stop being pussies. A few hundred thousand people died on earth this weekend. Calm the shit down. It’s a car, there are many of them, and insurance is mandatory anyway.

  18. Pat says:

    A very sad day for Vancouver and Canada, I truly believe a lot of the people involved in this destruction have awoke this morning with a lot of guilt and shame , Its time to own up to what you have done and try your best to right the wrong. I am proud of this city and our country, its just a shame this had to happen 😦

  19. Matthew says:

    @Jordan – Insurance doesn’t cover riot damage, check you policy.. Sorry, I’ll bet your dad still takes care of that

  20. Anonymous says:

    All of us are to blame when these situations arise. We are living in a time of self indulgence and unrest on a world scale. With all the laws governing us and squeezing us into what is deemed appropriate behaviour the seams are bursting. This riot is only a reflection of the world we have created for ourselves. We’re not that far removed from the cave. Man is still aggressive. What’s really the difference between those swinging sticks on the ice or those swinging sticks on the street. It’s all self indulgent entertainment. You think all those innocent bystanders weren’t there for the entertainment. Look at all the cameras.

  21. Anonymous says:

    It is up to people to look at these pictures, take note of anyone they reconize & turn them in.
    They should be fined to the highest degree, and to be put on a permanet record of their conduct for all to see.

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