I’m On A Drug…

This is now officially on my list of  “Things To Do In LA”


Old Computer Ads Are Awesome

Check out Bill Gates getting down with his bad self.


Gank Fashion x Adidas vs. Star Wars F/W 2011

Not really a Star Wars fan (surprise I know) but this is awesome.

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Ask & You Shall Receive – Hot Chicks B&W Edition

Happy saturday!

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. on America’s Got Talent


Your new car detailing days are over….No more bubbles for you Mr. Murphy

Has Anyone Seen My Gun?

Not really the same as forgetting your coffee on the roof..

And the silly tit just drove away with that thing on the back LOL

Math Test

Gank Skanks x Happy Hump Day

Wife That Bitch

Ain’t doing shit today..

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