Not Gank x Adidas Spring/Summer 2011

If you saw Lil Wayne’s performance on NYE you may have remembered his shoes. Turns out the ridiculous shoes are part of the Adidas Spring/Summer 2011 collection, and will run you about $328 a pair.

Fresh kicks or not?

See them live in action.


Gank watch x Kanye West

Kanye West celebrated the success of his latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, by buying a custom made exclusive 18k yellow gold Tiret Watch.

The watch itself cost about $180,000. I’s 18k gold with over 8 karats of yellow, black, brown and white diamonds, which were cut and placed to form an image of… Kanye West.

If I had Kanye  kinda money, I’d have a wach with my face too.. don’t act like you wouldn’t.

Gank Job Loss

Now this is how you get fired…

Gank Twit Pic- 50 Cent

50 Cent financial advisor? Fiddy uploaded this pic to his twitter after advising his followers to invest in a stock called H&H.. 50 made 8.7 million dollars yesterday day off the stock. Laughin straight the the bank. I gotta start following 50 on twitter…

Im not sure how many people jumped on the bandwagon with Fiddy, after these are his usual tweets.

Gank viral vid x People are awesome

Great video of people doing amazing things. Check it out!

Gank Update x Ted Williams

Had enough yet? one more I promise. Our homless cinderella has made it kids! check out Teddy boys first commerical voice over. E’reday he husselin’ .

****UPDATE #2
For those of you who can’t get enough ‘Ted,’ here is a video he had reuniting with his mother today after 20 years.

Watch full reunion here

Gank Tattoo Fail

You know when you think something is hilarious at the time, and then upon reflection.. not so funny? A man has now forever branded his left thigh with a massive portrait of the Biebs himself.

Sadly, years from now the Tatty will look more like Bea Arthur than the Biebs. Tatty fail kid, that ain’t Gank.

Gank Voice Ted Williams – The Mug shots

One of the biggest viral videos on the net right now is of the homeless man Ted Williams, who now has been discovered and offered his dream job, a homeless Cinderella story of sorts. Safe to say Ted’s life went from mediocre to good and now its steady sittin’ at amazin’.

Here are some snap shots that have surfaced from when it wasnt so mediocre. What’s your favourite mugshot? I like the one with the doctors mask.

In all seriousness he seems like a lovley man and its cool to see good things happen for him. Atta boy Ted.  Gotta start somewhere hommie.

Justice for Biggie

Can we say “its about time”?

An FBI task  force is now.. 13 years after the fact, actively pursuing new leads.  These new leads have  “reinvigorated” the investigation into the slaying of Biggie. But no further details are known.

Biggie was shot and killed in 1997 while riding in an SUV after a music industry party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

The main theory behind shooting was payback in a so-called rap war between East and West Coast  headed by Suge Knight. Six months earlier in Las Vegas, a gunman opened fire on a car driven by Knight, killing Tupac Shakur.

13 years later? meanwhile Dr. Conrad Murray gave Mj a few pills and already has his day in court. Well.. Mj did make thriller man… Thriller..


Movember.. Beardcember.. Manuary? While most mourn the loss of their Movember Staches some genius has found a way for them to live on… while keeping cozy. That’s pretty Gank.

The Beard Cozy

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