Everybody Must Get..

New Snoop Dogg ft Wiz Khalifa – The Weed Iz Mine Video

Click Here to Watch

Gank Dank x Kush

Weed & Bitches

Stoned Guy on Judge Judy

Gank Dank x Blunt Wednesday

Roll it up, Light it Up, Smoke it up

Gank Video x Vietnam shotgun drug footage

I always wondered why people called them shotguns (supers) Apparently it originated in Vietnam, and was literally done with a shotgun! This is quite possibly one of the reasons the US did not win the war against Vietnam. “We get really stoned, then, you know, who cares about the war. ha”

and while we are on the topic…. What happens when 2 hipsters smoke a bong?

Gank Song – Big K.R.I.T (Feat. Currensy & Killa Kyleon) – Moon & Stars Remix

Big K.R.I.T is another up-and-comer in the rap game. He’s been doin the mixtape game, even being featured on Wiz Khalifa’s major label debut Kush and OrangeJuice as well as Curren$y’s Pilot Talk. He joins spitta again on this track along with Killa Kyleon. Keep your eye out for KRIT soon!

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