Epic Meal Time x Pigs n’ Poultry

Here is the latest creation from the fellas at Epic Meal Time. Lots of SAAUUCES!

False Advertising.

The Angus burger from McGreaser’s is probably the closest. I’ll still eat BK Whoppers and Stackers though! Nothing from Taco Bell ever looks as advertised, but sometimes its still delicious.

It’s Tuesday… Epic Meal Time! Stockyard Burgers

I seriously look forward to Tuesday’s now to watch this deliciousness. I could of done without the bone-marrow surprises however. Nonetheless, bacon strips, bacon strips and bacon strips. More girls. More SAUUCE

Gank Dom Pérignon Sandwich Combo

Yes, I’ll have the Fried Bologna Sandwich with a bottle of Dom Pérignon.

Epic Meal Time Protein Bar & Sandwich

These guys are great. Everything they make looks so delicious

Gank Job Loss

Now this is how you get fired…

Gank Pics of the Day x Pac Man Burger & Pentagram Pizza

Two funny food pictures.

Funny butcher has created a Pac-Man burger for one lucky customer.

I bet these guys were amazed when they got their pizza and the special instructions were completed

Gank Eats x Designer Treats

Stylish cupcakes for the girl who can’t choose between fashion and chocolate.

Crazy KFC Employee

This guy is very unhappy with being recorded. Guess he didn’t want anyone to know he worked at KFC. Well now everybody does. And we think you are crazy. Sidenote: KFC is delicious and I want it right now. I wonder if he lost his job, not that I care.

Cash4Gold Fail

I would like to RSVP +1 to his birthday party at McDonald’s…

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