Gone Fishin’

I’m On A Drug…

This is now officially on my list of  “Things To Do In LA”


Gank Rat Rods.

I dig rat rods.

The Ultimate Fridge

I want this. Do you see your favorite beer? I see that tall can of OE! Paper bag please.

Zombie-Proof Tent

I think I am going to invest in one of these. I have been wanting to build a bomb shelter as the World is sure to go to hell soon. This seems like a better idea. Bury one of these bad boys and cover it in grass, fill it up with everything you need. Great for zombie invasion also! Spray it with water and wait 24 hours!

Facebook Chat vs. Google +

So true. WTF is going on at facebook. Don’t get me started about MSN and hotmail shutting off and signing me out all the time either…

Retro Handset – Reduce 96% Radiation from Your Cell Phone!

Retro Handset for Mobile Phone is the new chic way to use your mobile phone at home, in the office and out on the streets! This is text stolen right from the site!!




Rough Summer for the Ladies.

Ladies, please be careful before attempting stunts.

The Game Disses Jay Z & Kanye West

Jay’z and Kanye dropped their newest single from their upcoming ‘Watch the Throne’ album called Otis this week. Today Game dropped a track called ‘Uncle Otis’ as we wait for his R.E.D. album to drop. He goes in on everyone from Jay-Z and Kanye West, to Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Kreayshawn and many others.

Tuesday….Epic Meal Time!

This week…. Russian Meal Time. Guns, More guns.

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