Jade Mountain Resort, St.Lucia

I don’t only want to take a vacation here, I want to straight up move into this resort and never leave! Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia is one of the most incredible resorts I have ever seen. Each room has only three walls and a private infinity pool with panoramic views of the Caribbean. However, this slice of heaven doesn’t come cheap, with nightly rates ranging from $950 up to $2,700.

Places I Want to Go

I have some serious traveling to do. Here are a few cool places I want to go.

Four Seasons, Bora Bora

Petra, Jordan

Riomaggiore, Italy

Sky Lantern Festival, Taiwan


Tuscany, Italy

Alesund, Norway

Marble Caves, Chile

Blue Caves, Zakynthos Island, Greece

Bathtub in Paradise.

I need to bathe in a clear tub. One day.

Central Park.

Optical Illusion in Paris.

Give up? Click here to understand.

South Sudan: The Flyest President

Sudan split into North and South republics today, forming the newest country in the World, South Sudan. Look how swagged out and fly the new President is

Hotels Around the World.

I want to stay in each and every one of these. More-so the underwater hotel in Fiji

The Difference between the UK, Great Britain and England

This was actually quite informative. I think a lot of people have no idea what they are referring to when they talk about Britain, England etc.

Thats Gank does Bonnaroo 2011!

Went on a road-trip to Manchester, Tennessee for Bonnaroo. What a great experience!


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