Lockout Professionals Blake Griffin Kevin Love Ron Artest & Adrian Peterson

Head Over Heels Marriage Proposal

What do you think, real or fake? Her reaction seemed pretty legit to me.

Kenny Powers the CEO

Kenny Powers is the new CEO of K-Swiss. He is workin’ his magic to make the company more badass, check it out its pretty damn funny. Youtube is great, companies are gonna still making some pretty crazy adverts.

D*Face Pool Painting Skating

These guys strapped spraypaint to the bottom of skateboards and got a bunch of guys to shred a pool. The paint captured each skaters line, creating a pretty sick geometrical-looking pattern.

G20 Riots in Toronto.

With all this rioting in Vancouver, I think its only right to post these videos of the Toronto G20 Riots. Unlike Vancouver, who riots over losing a hockey game, Toronto rioted for human rights, politics and the spending of tax-payers dollars. Still not cool though.

The Aftermath in Vancouver (Video)

Big Sean – I Do It (Music Video)

Jabbawockeez – Devastating Stereo Music Video

New Jabbawockeez. Song Download http://bit.ly/imr57E

Baby Plays Guitar.

Is this real?? Little baby playing guitar hero with a real guitar! Rockin out with devil horns and everything

Nyjah Huston 2011 Street League KC Highlights

Dude wemt hard today in KC and took home the $150k cheque. Heres the top highlights, SO HUGE

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