Boston Bruins Bar Tab

The B’s racked up a $150,000+ bar tab partying after their Stanley Cup Victory. Among the highlights 126 Bud Lights, 2 Bottles of Ace of Spade Champagne ($2,000 each) 1 bottle of Ace of Spades Midas Champagne ($100,000) and they left a tip of $24,869


Dallas Mavericks Win! The Loss of the Ring! (Funny Pics)

Oh man, Who caught the game last night? Huge Win IN Miami! How embarassing for the Heat. Can’t believe Dirk & The Mav’s pulled it off. Sorry Lebron, Wade and that other guy, No Championship for you! Lebron, Tell me how my DIRK Tastes!

While Bosh was crying, Dirk Nowitzki was sippin on an $80,000 bottle of Ace of Spades

Lil Wayne & Birdman Partying with the Mav’s at Liv. (even though Birdman lost $2M betting against the Mavs?)

Mark Cuban enjoying a Cigar on the Private Jet back to Dallas with the Hardware

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