The Real Justin Bieber.

Not Gank x Selena Gomez Rapping

Is this The Bieber’s girlfriend? Not Gank, but I’d still- how old is she?

Sean Kingston in Critical Condition in Miami

Just got word that the Sean Kingston was just in a Jet-Ski accident in Miami. He hit a bridge along with a female passenger and they were both taken to hospital in critical condition. I’ll be keeping him in my prayers tonight, hope he pulls through. I have spoke to Sean many times and he even tweeted me last year about buying a new house in Jamaica after we had talked about it

I almost died on a Sea-Doo last year. I was on the lake and got t-boned by a friend of mine who was on another Sea-Doo. She hit me going full speed and drove right over top of me, missing my head my millimetres. She thought she killed me for sure and it was definitely the most frightening moment of my life. I took most of the force on my hip and was left with a pretty nasty bruise and a messed up hip, but was able to walk away. Thankfully. Hopefully the same goes for Sean, I know how dangerous these things can be.

Here are some pictures of me last year along with my bruise.

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