Bugatti Veyron.

The million dollar car done right. They’ve come pretty far since the Bugatti I posted a few days ago!

Old School Bugatti.

This car would of been the bee’s knees’ whenever this was taken. I wonder who this fella is? Slick car nonetheless.

Supercars in London

This would be pretty cool to see. Lots of nice cars, all in downtown London, UK. The Saudi`s must of been in town!

Birdman 2011 $1.5Mill Maybach 62s Drop Top Laudaulet

Damn this is ballin. Birdman just picked up 1 of 3 2011 Maybach 62 Laudaulets, looks so gank with the ceiling off. He’s also got that million dollar Bugatti Veyron in the video. He said this Maybach was paid for by his Superbowl winning (he bet over $1 million on the green bay packers and won)

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