I’m On A Drug…

This is now officially on my list of  “Things To Do In LA”


Sheen vs Hunter S


Charlie Sheen: The Unedited Footage

Now this, this is hilarious. I want to see more of this kinda stuff Charlie.

Winning Friday, Charlie Sheen + Rebecca Black Remix

This video entails everything you are sick of this month. Enjoy.

Charlie Sheen Auto-Tune’d

I promise this is the last Charlie Sheen video I post. (Unless he releases footage of him bangin 7 gram rocks) At first I was loving the whole Charlie Sheen, Winning extravaganza, I thought it was hilarious, but I’m completely over it now. He should of stopped when he was ahead and everyone loved him and found him funny. I think he has gone too far now and its not really funny anymore.  And his live webcam show sucked. Anyways heres Charlie Auto-Tuned by the same people that did the Lincoln Park Rapist song.

Charlie Sheen Duck Sauce Remix

The Charlie Sheen Song by DirtNasty

The Charlie Sheen songs are just rollin off the press now. I can’t wait for more. You know the rappers are gonna be usin Charlie Sheen Lines. Anyways, this one is the best so far and its made by Dirt Nasty. Check it out. Charlie has literally taken over the internet and the news/media. #WINNING

Charlie Sheen WINNING Dubstep

This is amazing. I can’t wait for all the Charlie Sheen songs to come out. I’m Sheenin’ like Charlie. WINNING!

Charlie Sheen is Winning!

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