R.I.P. Ryan Dunn

Live Fast, Die young

G20 Riots in Toronto.

With all this rioting in Vancouver, I think its only right to post these videos of the Toronto G20 Riots. Unlike Vancouver, who riots over losing a hockey game, Toronto rioted for human rights, politics and the spending of tax-payers dollars. Still not cool though.

Near Death Situation?

If I’m ever in a terrifying situation, I want these 2 scottish lads to be with me

That ‘OH SH*T’ Moment.

This is it.

Female Drivers….

Never should of let her behind the wheel! I kid, I kid. But really, it’s unbelievable that she was ‘okay’ after this. It must of been quite the terrifying plunge.

Gank Video x EPIC Scooter FAIL

Wow. This is unbelievable…..unbelievably FUNNY. Make sure to watch until after his 2nd attempt. I literally spit juice out of my mouth because I laughed so hard

Not Gank x Skier crashes into fence

Should of hit the brakes. At least he was wearing a helmet.

Not Gank x Fail of the day

Ever see an 8-man faceplant? Here is a video from today of an epic fail BMX race start. Right out of the gate…nobody takes the lead.

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