Gank Video x DJ Future the Price interview

Here is an interview done by SB.TV with Future the Prince aka Drake’s tour DJ. He talks about life as a DJ, living in Toronto as well as coming up with Drizzy and playing the tracks that people want to hear.


Gank Song x Made Men Rick Ross Drake

I heard this song on XM radio last night. The bass was niiiiiice. I don’t know what this song is from, it wasn’t on ricky’s latest mixtape. Maybe its gonna be on his album thats coming out thats called God forgives, I don’t. Drake claims Rhianna is this in this song too.

click here to download Rick Ross ft Drake – Made Men

Gank Music x Drake & J.U.S.T.I.C.E League Samples

This is a little video of Drizzy in the studio with the guys from J.U.S.T.I.C.E league workin on new music for his next album. They have a ‘Sample Battle’ in which each producer played his favorite sample and they would pick which one is the best.

If you don’t know what a sample is, i’ll try to break it down. 99% of hip hop music originates from samples. Samples are like a piece of an entire song. Most samples come from the 1950,60,70s, hence why DJ’s and producers have so many old records, they are constantly looking for new samples. These samples of old songs are taken by producers and modified. They add drums and other instruments and chop the samples up, taking the pieces they want and discarding the rest. A sample is how every beat begins.

Red Wing Shoes 2011 SKY High Boot

I have always enjoyed Red Wing shoes, but have always been more a fan of the high top boots. They began to start getting played out when Drake was rocking them everywhere, but alas, Red Wing has just released their 2011 Fall/Winter boot. It’s called the Sky High Boot and I dig it. Its a modern version of the classic moccasin work boot. The blue suede with red laces is nice and even better that its a super high top. More details to come.

and drizzy rockin a Canada Goose vest and Red Wing boots

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