I’m On A Drug…

This is now officially on my list of  “Things To Do In LA”


Salvia Gone Bad.

Salvia is a legal drug that can be bought at almost any corner store in Canada. This guy trips out HARD.

Click Here to see the Full Length

The girl couldn’t even put sentences together and had no idea that her friend had fallen out the window. In the full video you can hear him outside saying “What the fuck!” and he comes inside and says “I Fell out” but she never seems to hear him.

Here is what they described as what they felt after the event

We both felt like there were others holding us down and basically telling us our existence was being erased and our world was crumbling around us and we just wanted to get away, the camera died before we actually fully came to our senses, neither one of us remember any of our behaivor that was recorded..by the way, thats a 2nd story window

Sheen vs Hunter S


Lindsay Lohan. Infiniti Pool.

Yes. I would.

sir paul.

NOT Gank x Faces of Meth

Let this be a lesson to everyone, DON’T DO METH! I save people. So nasty. These pictures were taken only months apart.

Charlie Sheen: The Unedited Footage

Now this, this is hilarious. I want to see more of this kinda stuff Charlie.

BBC on drugs: Wonders of the Solar System

This is totally real….

Charlie Sheen Auto-Tune’d

I promise this is the last Charlie Sheen video I post. (Unless he releases footage of him bangin 7 gram rocks) At first I was loving the whole Charlie Sheen, Winning extravaganza, I thought it was hilarious, but I’m completely over it now. He should of stopped when he was ahead and everyone loved him and found him funny. I think he has gone too far now and its not really funny anymore.  And his live webcam show sucked. Anyways heres Charlie Auto-Tuned by the same people that did the Lincoln Park Rapist song.

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