G20 Riots in Toronto.

With all this rioting in Vancouver, I think its only right to post these videos of the Toronto G20 Riots. Unlike Vancouver, who riots over losing a hockey game, Toronto rioted for human rights, politics and the spending of tax-payers dollars. Still not cool though.

My Toronto Maple Leaf Experience

Had some nice tickets front row against the glass against the Carolina Hurricanes the other night. Definately made the best of the night, indulged in many $15 beers (ridiculous) and banged on that damn glass any chance I got. Check out the guy at the end who tries to take the stick from the kid, everyone was chirping him haha

Gank Fight x Goalie`s Johnson vs DiPietro Brawl, One Punch KO!

Saw this live on TV just a little while ago. DiPietro was letting in some SOFT goals and got frustrated, elbowing Pittsburgh`s Matt Cooke. Penguins back-up goaltender wasn`t gonna have any of that, so he skated all the way down the ice to duke it out with DiPietro. DiPietro wasn`t expecting the left hook and got knocked out with one punch. check it out, this is why I love hockey!

Not Gank … but still slightly gank x Kulemin vs Gleason

Tim Gleason of the Carolina Hurricanes dropped a greasy punch into the face of Toronto’s Nikolai Kulemin tonight. I am all for fighting in hockey, I actually encourage it, but this was pretty dirty of him. I don’t think Kulemin has ever been in a fight in his life! What was he thinking? Kulemin didn’t even drop his gloves! The poor guys nose exploded before he even knew what was going on. Gleason got a penalty for fighting, Kulemin did not.

not gank that it happened to one of our ONLY good players on the leafs, but still sort of gank seeing a guys nose get broken in a hockey fight.

Ted Williams Arrested – homeless man with golden voice

Who didn’t see this coming? A crackhead/alcoholic bum signs deals with Kraft and the Cleveland Cavaliers, gets lots of money and relapses! I wish I had put money on this, started some sort of Pool. Too late. I thought he would of lasted a little longer. Has it even been a week? What’s next? Stay tuned for more of Ted Williams, coming to you soon (next time he fucks up!)

“Williams was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department Monday night at a Hollywood hotel.According to law enforcement sources, Williams and a unidentified family member were detained after police were called to the Renaissance Hotel on a disturbance call.”

Williams was in LA for several televisions appearances, including “Entertainment Tonight.” Earlier Monday he visited the Lakers.

This seems like a movie we are witnessing, so much drama and ups and downs! He’s poppin grey goose and drinkin coronas haha

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