Epic Meal Time x Pigs n’ Poultry

Here is the latest creation from the fellas at Epic Meal Time. Lots of SAAUUCES!


False Advertising.

The Angus burger from McGreaser’s is probably the closest. I’ll still eat BK Whoppers and Stackers though! Nothing from Taco Bell ever looks as advertised, but sometimes its still delicious.

Meanwhile, in America….

Gank Pics of the Day x Pac Man Burger & Pentagram Pizza

Two funny food pictures.

Funny butcher has created a Pac-Man burger for one lucky customer.

I bet these guys were amazed when they got their pizza and the special instructions were completed

Gank Xmas – Meathouse

It’s that time of year again. We spend lots of money on shit in the name of Jesus’s birth. Don’t want turkey for Christmas dinner? The guy’s at Epic Meal Time have created the most delicious looking Gingerbread Meathouse ever. Merry Christmas!

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