GQ Editorial Pictures x Just the Two of Us x Kate Upton & Ken Jeong

Here are some pictures from the upcoming August 2011 issues of GQ which features photographs of Kate Upton…. and Ken Jeong photobombing each one of them. I love me some Kate Upton. She’s 18!

Rough Summer for the Ladies.

Ladies, please be careful before attempting stunts.

Lockout Professionals Blake Griffin Kevin Love Ron Artest & Adrian Peterson

Dave Grohl: “Get the F*ck Out of My Show!”

I love Dave Grohl. One of my favourite artists. Kicks a fan out for fighting in the front row.

Head Over Heels Marriage Proposal

What do you think, real or fake? Her reaction seemed pretty legit to me.

Road Rage Kids

These kids grew up and turned into every damn person I encounter on the road.

Rolls Royce & Police Car Planks

Today I accomplished my first ever plank. I have been told 10/10 on subject matter 6/10 on form. I apologize to all plankers on my poor form. I blame the heat. The hood of the car was so hot in melted my stomach and I sprung up

and here is baller Dwight Howard planking on a couple of his Rolls Royces’

It’s Monday.

Morning Folks. Does your alarm look like mine?

Turn Off Your Computer.

Who remembers this? 😀

Salvia Gone Bad.

Salvia is a legal drug that can be bought at almost any corner store in Canada. This guy trips out HARD.

Click Here to see the Full Length

The girl couldn’t even put sentences together and had no idea that her friend had fallen out the window. In the full video you can hear him outside saying “What the fuck!” and he comes inside and says “I Fell out” but she never seems to hear him.

Here is what they described as what they felt after the event

We both felt like there were others holding us down and basically telling us our existence was being erased and our world was crumbling around us and we just wanted to get away, the camera died before we actually fully came to our senses, neither one of us remember any of our behaivor that was the way, thats a 2nd story window

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