Nice Bum, Where ya From?

Rough Summer for the Ladies.

Ladies, please be careful before attempting stunts.

It’s Tuesday… Epic Meal Time! Stockyard Burgers

I seriously look forward to Tuesday’s now to watch this deliciousness. I could of done without the bone-marrow surprises however. Nonetheless, bacon strips, bacon strips and bacon strips. More girls. More SAUUCE

Ask & You Shall Receive – Hot Chicks B&W Edition

Happy saturday!

The Creepiest Yoga Instructor.

Everybody Look….

At that old Nokia phone!

The Calm Before the Storm.

Stoner Chicks.

Gank Heels x Billy Rood

Its Friday!!! Hot Girls in Yoga Pants!!!

Happy Friday. Enjoy. Until Next Friday…

and… vamos vamos, argentina 😀

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