Tempest Free Running Academy

We need to put these ninjas to work robbing banks or something. If you are wondering what the song is, its Ellie Goulding – Lights


Conan with South Korean Girls

Conan is by far the best late night host. Jay and Letterman suck. Anyways, here is a clip of Conan meeting some girls from South Korea.

Gank Video x No Pants Subway Ride 2011

The guys over at Improv Everywhere have made another No Pants Subway Ride for 2011! 10,000 people riding the New York City subway – sans pants! Check it out

click here to see more videos from Improv Everywhere

Gank Kicks x Nike Dunk High Heels

Introducing the Nike dunk’s for women… in high heel form! High heels are always sexy, why not incorporate my favorite shoe into the mix. What do you say ladies, would you rock these?

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