Gone Fishin’

Minka Kelly: Esquire.

Dat Ass!

GQ Editorial Pictures x Just the Two of Us x Kate Upton & Ken Jeong

Here are some pictures from the upcoming August 2011 issues of GQ which features photographs of Kate Upton…. and Ken Jeong photobombing each one of them. I love me some Kate Upton. She’s 18!

Nice Bum, Where ya From?

She Inked.

Sexy girls with tats.

Red Dress Red Rolls-Royce


Nuff Said. Can’t beat a sexy blonde, gold chain-wearin, rappin’ fly as hell girl like her.

Bathtub in Paradise.

I need to bathe in a clear tub. One day.

Ask & You Shall Receive – Hot Chicks B&W Edition

Happy saturday!

Hot Fire.

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