Zombie-Proof Tent

I think I am going to invest in one of these. I have been wanting to build a bomb shelter as the World is sure to go to hell soon. This seems like a better idea. Bury one of these bad boys and cover it in grass, fill it up with everything you need. Great for zombie invasion also! Spray it with water and wait 24 hours!

Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji – Pressure (alesso remix)

Swedish House Mafia – Save The World feat. John Martin (Alesso Remix) Video

This has been my summer song so far.

Inside Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani Compound

**UPDATE** Pakistani Army now guarding the bin Laden compound. Soldiers on roof & ground.

Front Gates (thanks Sohaib/ReallyVirtual)

Media gathering with people outside front gate

Bin Laden’s lived in the top of the white building in top left of picture

This is the bloody room where Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by an elite team of US Navy Seals.

President Barack Obama along with his team of personnel & advisors were able to watch the raid on bin Laden in real time video as it was happening. Here is a photo of the President in the War Room watching the mission go down.

Zombie-Proof House

This is what I need.

Calvin Harris – Awooga Official Video

Gank House

This is my kinda crib. Modern. Minimalist.

Gank Music x The best unsigned band…DUBBS

DUBBS, hailing from Toronto Canada, is the newest and most progressive band to hit the music scene. The trio includes two brothers, Alex and Chris, along with Ottawa-based producer Martin aka The Beat Chemist, who together are bringing house music to the next level with their live performances. These guys all play instruments on stage giving you that classic band performance but with a modern, club- house twist that makes you just want to party.

In the short time they have been around, they have already been put on Colin Lewis’s ‘The Agency Group’s’ roster among Big Boi, De La Soul, Immortal Technique, Wiz Khalifa Sum 41 and the guys I grew up with, Protest the hero. Their song ‘Girls kissing girls’ was released this year followed up with a great viral video for the song.

The vibe these guys bring to the club is like no other. Mark my word, they will be coming to a city near you;  in the very very near future. These guys about to blow up! (j.cole voice)

Check out the video for Girls Kissing Girls, and check out DUBBS own website here

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