Skateboard Shades by Shwood

As an experiment the guys over at Shwood Eyewear decided to make some sunglasses out of broken skateboards. Based out of LA, here is a video that shows the process of making these one-of-a-kind glasses. I say they keep making them, people will buy them, and you are recycling! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of Shwood shades for a while now!

Young Money in L.A.

Birdman and the YMCMB crew hit up Los Angeles making stops at the BET awards and theFantasy Factory.

Vans Time + Space ft Mr.Cartoon part 1

Mr Cartoon is a legend in LA. Here is part 1 of a small series by ‘Vans Off The Wall’ that focuses on Mister Cartoon’s life and tattooing.

Warriors of Radness

This is a cool video shot entirely on 8mm film

David Beckham: Like a Boss!

Behind the scenes footage of Beckham shooting a Pepsi commercial on the beach in LA

Gank Life x Charlie Sheen – The Ultimate Hollywood Partier

I nominate Charlie Sheen for ultimate partier. This guy is making so much money from “Two and a Half Men” on top of the insane amount of money he already had. He literally has money to “blow.” He is known for racking up huge tabs at bars and clubs buying the most expensive bottles and getting completely shitfaced with pornstars and models.

Charlie Sheen was in the middle of a marathon “party” last night and this morning with 5 women before something went so wrong, he ended up on a stretcher in an ambulance.

In his latest stint, he went on a 36 hour drug and alcohol binge that ended at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Here is the lowdown from Kacey Jordan, one of the high-end porn stars who was partying with Charlie when it all went down.

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