The Game Disses Jay Z & Kanye West

Jay’z and Kanye dropped their newest single from their upcoming ‘Watch the Throne’ album called Otis this week. Today Game dropped a track called ‘Uncle Otis’ as we wait for his R.E.D. album to drop. He goes in on everyone from Jay-Z and Kanye West, to Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Kreayshawn and many others.

DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – I’m On One (Official Video)

This song is trapped in my head at the moment. Two white cups and I got that drink

Lil Wayne XXL Cover

Weezy graces the cover of XXL for the upcoming July/August 2011 edition

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass Cover by Karmin Music

I have seen a few videos by these guys. Very talented, and she can rap! This one features Quest Love from The Roots. I want one of those little electronic drum pads he is using!

This one is pretty impressive too, No idea how she spit Busta’s rhymes so good!

Dallas Mavericks Win! The Loss of the Ring! (Funny Pics)

Oh man, Who caught the game last night? Huge Win IN Miami! How embarassing for the Heat. Can’t believe Dirk & The Mav’s pulled it off. Sorry Lebron, Wade and that other guy, No Championship for you! Lebron, Tell me how my DIRK Tastes!

While Bosh was crying, Dirk Nowitzki was sippin on an $80,000 bottle of Ace of Spades

Lil Wayne & Birdman Partying with the Mav’s at Liv. (even though Birdman lost $2M betting against the Mavs?)

Mark Cuban enjoying a Cigar on the Private Jet back to Dallas with the Hardware

Birdman 2011 $1.5Mill Maybach 62s Drop Top Laudaulet

Damn this is ballin. Birdman just picked up 1 of 3 2011 Maybach 62 Laudaulets, looks so gank with the ceiling off. He’s also got that million dollar Bugatti Veyron in the video. He said this Maybach was paid for by his Superbowl winning (he bet over $1 million on the green bay packers and won)

Music Video: Lil Wayne featuring Cory Gunz – 6 Foot, 7 Foot Directed by Hype Williams

Lil Wayne & Tech N9ne….Coming Soon?

Weezy just tweeted this pic of him and Tech inthe studio. Collab album? New track? Mixtape? Who knows. But I bet it will be good.


Gank Song x Travis Barker ft Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, The Game

This is the first single to drop from Travis Barker’s upcoming album ‘Give the Drummer Some.’ The album is set to release March 15th. This is a crazy track with that signature Travis style beats. Love it.

“Wayne got the smoke and Game got the heat, Weezy F I’m an F’ing star”


Lil Wayne on the cover of Rolling Stone

Fresh outta jail, Weezy has made it onto the cover of the Rolling Stone. The mag will hit the streets this Friday and you can read all about his time spent on Rikers island this past year.

Here are some notable quotes from the article

on Lebron James & Dwayne Wade not greeting him when he sat courtside during a New Orleans vs Miami game

“Them niggas never speak to a nigga,” he said. “They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. Nigga spent all that money on them fucking tickets… Come holla at me. We sit right by them little bitch-ass niggas. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.”

On playing UNO in jail

“I’d bust a nigga’s ass at Uno,” he told writer Josh Eells. “We gamble for phone time. I’d take nigga’s commissary: Lemme get them cookies, lemme get them chips, get that soup.”

Oh, and here’s the cover.

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