Supercars in London

This would be pretty cool to see. Lots of nice cars, all in downtown London, UK. The Saudi`s must of been in town!

Nike 6.0 : The Pool

The Royal Wedding: Photo of the Day

Judging by this, they will live happily ever after. She looks like one of those ‘lady in the streets’ kinda girls, and I like that.

Gank Video x DJ Future the Price interview

Here is an interview done by SB.TV with Future the Prince aka Drake’s tour DJ. He talks about life as a DJ, living in Toronto as well as coming up with Drizzy and playing the tracks that people want to hear.

Gank Skating – Emerica team in London underground

As we have been doing a lot of ‘urban’ snowskating lately I figured I would post this video the Emerica team just released called “Wild UNDER the streets” just a short 2 minute video of them skating in London’s underground, much to the dismay of the police. (sidenote Police in London don’t carry guns, isn’t that crazy??)

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