Gank Music x Slaughterhouse & Lupe release album art

Recently signed to Shady Records, super-group Slaughterhouse have released the album artwork for their upcoming EP which comes out February 8th. They also released their tracklist.

Slaughterhouse Tracklist

1. Back On The Scene ft. Dres
2. Sun Doobie
3. Everybody Down
4. Put Some Money On It (Remix) ft. The LOX
5. Fight Club (Remix)
6. Move On (Remix) ft. Iffy

Also released today was the artwork for Lupe Fiasco’s much-delayed and highly awaited album entitled ‘Lasers.’ This record is set to hit stores on March 8th.

Gank Song x Kanye West ft Jay-Z – H.A.M. x JUST RELEASED!

Just released is the FIRST official single off Jay-Z & Kanye’s upcoming album “Watch The Throne.” The song is pretty dope, great production value. Can’t wait to hear this album, its gonna be crazy.

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