Planking is the newest craze taking over the World. Basically planking consists of laying on the ground with your arms at your sides with your head and feet straight out. People are planking in the most ridiculous places and everyone is trying to out-plank one another.

Planking has also led to numerous arrests as well as deaths! (Yes, people have died doing this, planking on the balcony of a high-rise and falling)

Planking is also blowing up on twitter, I have seen Slim Thug (@slimthugga) planking all over Houston as well as ReTweeting any planks people send into him


Marine Justice.

That must of been some curb the guy fell off of…..

The Aftermath in Vancouver (Video)

Vancouver Riots! (photos)

After succumbing to the Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, fans left the Rogers Center arena and have been causing destruction around downtown Vancouver since. Here are some pictures of whats going on. Hockey is serious business here! Cars being tipped over, buildings set on fire. I’ve recieved texts from friends in Vancouver saying Louis Vuitton and The Bay stores have been looted. Also hearing word that Canucks fans pushed a Bruins fan off an overpass leading to the Bruins fans death. Hope thats not true.

Barack Obama.

Greasy Czech President Steals Pen!!!

Charlie Sheen: The Unedited Footage

Now this, this is hilarious. I want to see more of this kinda stuff Charlie.

Leprechaun in Crichton, Alabama

This is another gem. There is so many funny things in this video you would think its a joke. “Who else seen the leprachaun, say YAAA. YAAAAAAA” Great sketch of the leprechaun too. Maybe its a crackhead? Not to mention the leprechaun flute passed down for thousands of years.

Mark McAllister Global News Mess Up

Mark McAllister, a reporter from Global News in Toronto was reporting on the recent happenings in Libya and here is his hilarious report. Sifty-five 18!

Not Gank x R.I.P. Nate Dogg

August 19, 1969 - March 15, 2011

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