Toronto City Nights.

HDR photos of the Toronto skyline at night.

Dana White UFC 129 Toronto Blog

Can’t wait for this tomorrow. Biggest UFC EVER! 55,000-60,000 people gonna be there, usually its 18,000. Here is Dana White’s Video blog of the day so far.

GoPro HD Snowboarding Footage

Yesterday I took the GoPro out with me riding. Wanted to get some test footage and see how everything looked while riding. We didn’t film long, but I edited whatever we had into this short video. Nothing spectacular or anything, just taking it easy. Check it out if you like snowboarding!

and here is another shorter edit

More, better, snowboard videos to come!

Not Gank x Mobile Pic of the Day x BJ Mom

What an epic fail license plate. I bet these kids hate when their mom picks them up at school.

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