Graphic Photos of Osama bin Laden Raid Released

Here are some shots taken 1 hour after US Seals raided Osama bin Laden’s house. These pictures were taken by a senior Pakistani Military official and sold to Reuters. There are no images of Osama bin Laden himself, but one of these men is his son.

Helicopter that was crashed into bin Laden’s compound during raid

Pieces of rubble within the Compound


Victim #1

Victim #2

Victim #3

Zombie-Proof House

This is what I need.

New D12 ft Eminem

Here’s a new track that has leaked from D12 called “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Unlike recent D12 leaks, this one actually features Eminem too. This very well could be new, but I’m assuming it was recorded a while ago and it just getting released now for whatever reason.

Listen to it or download it here

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