The Pixies Beatbox + Guitar Cover

This guy is pretty talented.

Gank Video x Tuesday afternoon snowskate

skatepark sesh from this afternoon turned into a trailer haha. filmed with gopro


Gank Video x Saturday Night GoPro Hockey

I havent really got a chance to test my new GoPro camera. I decided to put it on my head for a bit at hockey the other night. I only wore it for like 30 seconds as it was kind of heavy, but anyways, heres a little ‘trailer’ I made cause im bored. Came out pretty cool.

8mm Vintage Camera Apple iPhone App

If you already use the Hipstamatic app for taking pictures you will like this app made for the iPhone 4 and taking videos. Many filters are available; 1920, Siena, Sakura or 70s, and you can choose from five different lens; Clear, Flickering Flame, Spotlight, Light Leak and Colour Fringing. New age fun with a vintage feel!!!

Crazy KFC Employee

This guy is very unhappy with being recorded. Guess he didn’t want anyone to know he worked at KFC. Well now everybody does. And we think you are crazy. Sidenote: KFC is delicious and I want it right now. I wonder if he lost his job, not that I care.

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