Jade Mountain Resort, St.Lucia

I don’t only want to take a vacation here, I want to straight up move into this resort and never leave! Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia is one of the most incredible resorts I have ever seen. Each room has only three walls and a private infinity pool with panoramic views of the Caribbean. However, this slice of heaven doesn’t come cheap, with nightly rates ranging from $950 up to $2,700.

Underwater Bed

This would be too damn cool. Its at a resort in the Maldives

GoPro HD Snowboarding Footage

Yesterday I took the GoPro out with me riding. Wanted to get some test footage and see how everything looked while riding. We didn’t film long, but I edited whatever we had into this short video. Nothing spectacular or anything, just taking it easy. Check it out if you like snowboarding!

and here is another shorter edit

More, better, snowboard videos to come!

Gank Christmas in Jamaica

Nothing better than spending Christmas in the hot sun. Especially in Jamaica. Here are some pictures I took while there. I stayed at the Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios. It was a bit of a drive from the airport, but I did get to see a lot of the coast. Joints were smoked, jerk chicken was eaten, and a great time was had.

Private beach on the resort

Gazebo on the ocean

the essentials

Bob Marley's bedroom just as he left it

nothin' but blue skies and ocean

Palm trees, cool breeze

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