Scoring on the Road.

Its funny because its true.

The Aftermath in Vancouver (Video)

Inside the Vancouver Riot Part 2 (Pictures)

Here are some more pictures of the riots in Vancouver. Police trying to identify anyone they can in the pictures.

Vancouver Riots! (photos)

After succumbing to the Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, fans left the Rogers Center arena and have been causing destruction around downtown Vancouver since. Here are some pictures of whats going on. Hockey is serious business here! Cars being tipped over, buildings set on fire. I’ve recieved texts from friends in Vancouver saying Louis Vuitton and The Bay stores have been looted. Also hearing word that Canucks fans pushed a Bruins fan off an overpass leading to the Bruins fans death. Hope thats not true.

Footage from the Revoultion in Egypt

some asian walking like an Egyptian by the Pyramids

some asian walking like an Egyptian by the Pyramids

After watching all of this news coverage on the revolution happening in Egypt I have realized one thing. Egyptians certainly do not walk like Egyptians. However, check out this video its pretty incredible.

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