Skateboard Shades by Shwood

As an experiment the guys over at Shwood Eyewear decided to make some sunglasses out of broken skateboards. Based out of LA, here is a video that shows the process of making these one-of-a-kind glasses. I say they keep making them, people will buy them, and you are recycling! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of Shwood shades for a while now!


Shwood Canby Sunglasses

These are dope.

Japanese retailers BEAMS has teamed up with Shwood to produce a limited line of Canby frames with clear CR-39 Carl Zeiss lenses.The glasses are all two-tone coming in Zebrawood/East Indian Rosewood as well as East Indian/Maple wood combos. There is only 100 pairs in each colour being made.

get them here

Shwood × Ransom Canby Sunglasses

I’ve been looking for some sunglasses for a while. I thought I wanted SUPER 24k flat tops, but I just came across these Shwood glasses made of Canadian Oak. They have polarized lenses and there is a limit of only 50 being made! They are pretty badass, I think I may want…$145. Get them at


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