Never Get Old.

Nike 6.0 : The Pool

Sneeze Magazine Spring 2011

The latest edition from Vancouver, Canada-based ‘Sneeze’ Magazine features Tyler, The Creator (of Odd Future) and skater Jason Dill. This particular issue is called the ‘The Flagrant Foul’ and is the 11th cover done by the magazine. Photos shot by Kenneth Cappelo

Gank Skating x Panasonic GH2 x Skate Video

We here at thatsgank love cool cameras. With the likes of the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon d7000, almost anyone can film professional-level cinematography. The technology of these cameras is now starting to filter down into other brands and cameras, and soon all cameras will be capable of capturing images like the Mark II.


This particular video was shot for Panasonic  by Attiba Jefferson and Ty Evans to showcase the full capabilities of Panasonic’s new GH2 camera, as well as a variety of Panasonic lenses. This camera is quite impressive, but we must remember these are 2 fantastic film makers both of which have a great eye for the film. enjoy!


Gank Kicks x DC Life 2011 Fall Preview

This is a quick breakdown of upcoming shoe releases from DC LiFE. DC LiFE is the lifestyle division of the DC brand. Wide variety of shoes coming out ranging from skate, to hiking and even running shoes. Check it out

Gank Skate Video – Man About Town

This is a short video that showcases Killian Martin, a skateboarder with a very unique way of riding. This is filmed in a very artistic way and is nothing like your average skate video. Very calm and mellow yet still very gank!

Gank Snowskating – Ambition Teasers

With winter in full force, it’s time to get snowskating. We got lots of new equipment this year so we will be making snowskate videos often, and posting them! Until then, check out these sweet videos from our friends at Ambition!

and if you liked that… check this one out too! Be sure to send us gankest snowskate videos

In related news, here is a picture I took arriving at work this morning.

and this is when I left

Gank Skating – Emerica team in London underground

As we have been doing a lot of ‘urban’ snowskating lately I figured I would post this video the Emerica team just released called “Wild UNDER the streets” just a short 2 minute video of them skating in London’s underground, much to the dismay of the police. (sidenote Police in London don’t carry guns, isn’t that crazy??)

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