Never Get Old.

D*Face Pool Painting Skating

These guys strapped spraypaint to the bottom of skateboards and got a bunch of guys to shred a pool. The paint captured each skaters line, creating a pretty sick geometrical-looking pattern.

Nike Just Do It Commercial (Extended)

I saw this commercial on TV the other day (well the 30 second version) and was amazed. Find out today there is a full 3 minute version. Here it is!

Pinball Skate Park

Best part is at the end when the reporter falls.

Odd Future x Free Earl


Love dogs? Love skateboarding? This video is for you.

Gank Video x Vans World Tour Brazil

Gank Skate Video – Man About Town

This is a short video that showcases Killian Martin, a skateboarder with a very unique way of riding. This is filmed in a very artistic way and is nothing like your average skate video. Very calm and mellow yet still very gank!

Gank Skating – Emerica team in London underground

As we have been doing a lot of ‘urban’ snowskating lately I figured I would post this video the Emerica team just released called “Wild UNDER the streets” just a short 2 minute video of them skating in London’s underground, much to the dismay of the police. (sidenote Police in London don’t carry guns, isn’t that crazy??)

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