Tigerblood Volume 2 Snowboarding Video

Heres a quick video I put together of us riding on the last day of the season. Enjoy.

Crazy Snowboard Trick

GoPro HD Snowboarding Footage

Yesterday I took the GoPro out with me riding. Wanted to get some test footage and see how everything looked while riding. We didn’t film long, but I edited whatever we had into this short video. Nothing spectacular or anything, just taking it easy. Check it out if you like snowboarding!

and here is another shorter edit

More, better, snowboard videos to come!

Gaaaaannkkkkk Boots x Burton Red Wing Snowboard Boots

These are so sick! I need/want them. Red Wing makes the dopest boots and now they have teamed up with my favorite snowboard company! Now that is the true definition of Gank. The new snowboard boot is very similar to the Red Wing Classic work boot, as it uses the original Red Wing Leather along with hiking boot laces and a white outer sole.

Gank Video x Tuesday afternoon snowskate

skatepark sesh from this afternoon turned into a trailer haha. filmed with gopro


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