Rough Summer for the Ladies.

Ladies, please be careful before attempting stunts.

Nike Just Do It Commercial (Extended)

I saw this commercial on TV the other day (well the 30 second version) and was amazed. Find out today there is a full 3 minute version. Here it is!

Tigerblood Volume 2 Snowboarding Video

Heres a quick video I put together of us riding on the last day of the season. Enjoy.

Gank Video x Tuesday afternoon snowskate

skatepark sesh from this afternoon turned into a trailer haha. filmed with gopro


Gold Medal Game Canada vs Russia

Today is the final for the World Junior Championship that is taking place in Buffalo. Canada ousted the USA a few nights ago and will be taking on the Russians tonight in the final at 730 for the gold medal.


Gank Snowskating – Ambition Teasers

With winter in full force, it’s time to get snowskating. We got lots of new equipment this year so we will be making snowskate videos often, and posting them! Until then, check out these sweet videos from our friends at Ambition!

and if you liked that… check this one out too! Be sure to send us gankest snowskate videos

In related news, here is a picture I took arriving at work this morning.

and this is when I left

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