Dat Purp.

Super Dank Purple Kush

Professional Marijuana Critic.

This seems like a tough job.

Stoner Chicks.

Everybody Must Get..


Stoned Guy on Judge Judy

Gank Dank x Blunt Wednesday

Roll it up, Light it Up, Smoke it up

Gank Video x Snoop Dogg ft Wiz Khalifa – That Good

Wiz and Snoop are again taking it to a higher level. This video happened to premier at 4:20 today, and will be showcased in the upcoming movie “High School”. Get those paper planes and enjoy the ride.

and for all you gank Wiz fans out there, here is a BONUS! A new Wiz Khalifa track entitled “Exit Row.”
Wiz Khalifa – Exit Row by Hypetrak

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