These guys ski with parachutes and it is absolutely crazy. Check out how fast they go, coming so close to rocks and walls! I wanna try this one day!

Tigerblood Volume 2 Snowboarding Video

Heres a quick video I put together of us riding on the last day of the season. Enjoy.

GoPro HD Snowboarding Footage

Yesterday I took the GoPro out with me riding. Wanted to get some test footage and see how everything looked while riding. We didn’t film long, but I edited whatever we had into this short video. Nothing spectacular or anything, just taking it easy. Check it out if you like snowboarding!

and here is another shorter edit

More, better, snowboard videos to come!

Gank Whip x Ferrari FF built for life in Canada

Here is some footage of the Ferrari FF being tested around the World in different winter situations. The FF is Ferrari’s newest creation, powered by a 6.3-liter V12 engine with 651-hp and 504 ft lbs of torque and equipped with a part-time all-wheel-drive system.  Check it out, doesn’t seem to be as outrageous as the prototype.

Gank Video x Tuesday afternoon snowskate

skatepark sesh from this afternoon turned into a trailer haha. filmed with gopro


Gank Videos x Winter Fails 2011

We are only 20 days into the New Year, and we already have a nice compilation of winter-fails. Watching this makes me a little less angry about having to wake up and start my car in the morning to let it heat up, brush all the snow off then deal with all the terrible drivers in the city. I can’t believe how many people fall into ice, whats wrong with them?

Part 1

Part 2

Gank Snowskating – Ambition Teasers

With winter in full force, it’s time to get snowskating. We got lots of new equipment this year so we will be making snowskate videos often, and posting them! Until then, check out these sweet videos from our friends at Ambition!

and if you liked that… check this one out too! Be sure to send us gankest snowskate videos

In related news, here is a picture I took arriving at work this morning.

and this is when I left

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