Not Gank x being a toronto maple leaf fan

Being a Toronto Maple Leaf fan is the worst. They are the highest grossing team in the NHL and sell out EVERY single game, but still can’t win. Ever. We should have the best team in the NHL; we have the biggest market in the World with the most people who care about the game. But in Toronto the owners don’t care about winning, its all about money. Its the same reason why the Blue Jays and raptors constantly lose. We are all owned by the same idiots! Our entire team is a bunch of over-rated bums together with some AHL-level stars. Its quite pathetic, and yet we still watch every game religiously and hope for some kind of turn around. A 2 or 3 game winning streak is huge news in Toronto because we lose that often. Big changes are needed fast, and I’m not talking about coaches or managers, I mean players. At the end of the day its players who win or lose the game, not a coach. Dear MLSE, give us Toronto fans what we deserve.

After tonights 7-0 loss against the New York Rangers, this song seems fitting.

List of players to get rid of:
Dion Phaneuf – this guy is just terrible. its an embarassment that he is wearing the C. Totally undeserved. Cant fight, cant hit anymore, cant hit the net, pretty much has nothing going for him

Mike Komisarek – another bum the leafs dont need. constantly takes penalties at bad times, doesnt use his head

Brett Lebda – I hardly even notice he is on this team unless he makes a pass through the crease or takes a penalty to blow the game

John Mitchell – somehow this guy makes the team every year and quietly makes it through the entire season without doing anything. trade him for a bucket of pucks.

Kris Versteeg – I am on the fence about Versteeg. I really didnt like him. He’s starting to pick up his game now. Before he would give up so easily, he would go for little skates when he had the puck, but other than that didnt seem to really care. We will have to see a few more games out of him

Francois Beachemin – Its time for him to retire. He makes some good plays, but he isnt nearly physical enough. also takes alot of careless penalties.

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